About Us


Pinoy Cycling USA is an American expat, raised in the Philippines and currently living here in the Pacific Northwest and proud to consider the Philippines my home. In the Philippines, I lived on Mindanao and in the Summer Capital of the country, Baguio City.

My cycling interest crosses many disciplines.  I have ridden extensively in Washington State. I have toured the west coast on a tandem, participated in many of the classic rides in the Puget Sound, raced in criteriums and raced a fixed gear bike on the velodrome in Redmond, Washington.  

I am combining my passion for cycling and pride of where I grew up to import and sell these cycling jerseys to others, who like me, have a passion for cycling and are proud of their Filipino heritage.  

I proudly wear these jerseys as I ride. It invites conversation with other cyclists where we can share stories of our cycling adventures and reminisce on the greatness of our beloved Philippines.

Thank you for visiting the store. Keep the rubber side down and may the wind be at your back.   

Ride Your Pride

Maraming Salamat!!